Friday, November 27, 2020

Conda - A must-have for bioinformatician

As a bioinformatician, when you are given a new system (Mac, HPC, or any Linux environment), the first thing to do is probably to configure your work environment, install required tools, etc. 

Here is what I did for the new Mac:

1. This step is optional. Apple changed to default shell to zsh since the last OS. If you like bash, you can change the default zsh shell from bash:

chsh -s /bin/bash

2. Install Miniconda. Miniconda is a free minimal installer for conda, incl. only the basic ones (e.g. conda, python, zlib, etc). If you are under Linux, download the one for Linux



3. Install commonly used tools with bioconda:

# update bash (the one coming with MacOS is too old)

conda install -c conda-forge bash

# samtools etc.

conda install -c bioconda samtools plink plink2

# UCSC Kent Utilities etc.

conda install -c bioconda ucsc-bedgraphtobigwig ucsc-wigtobigwig ucsc-liftover ucsc-bigwigsummary

# GNU utils etc.

conda install -c conda-forge coreutils gawk wget gzip datamash parallel make readline sed

# R and R package etc.

conda install -c r r-base

conda install -c r r-essentials

conda install -c r r-tidyverse

# Google cloud gsutil

conda install -c conda-forge gsutil 

Life is much easier after conda!

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