Monday, January 12, 2015

Using one line command as input for LSF bsub

In a simple case, you can use bsub command arguments to submit your command job to LSF cluster.

If you have a complicated script with many commands,  you can save into a lsf script (including the shell pathname in the first line) and then submit that script to LSF cluster, e.g.  bsub yourscript arguments

In your script, you wrote something like this:

myFirstArgument = $1

Here I found I can also use pipe to connect multiple commands into one line and simply quote them as one command and works in bsub. Here is an example:

bsub "echo -ne 'ab\tcss' | awk '{print \$2}'"

So far, I found I have to add "\" (backslash) to escape the special character, such as $ in awk. Wondering there might be a way in bsub options to set this.

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