Wednesday, July 03, 2013

about ladybugs

Yesterday Mia found a ladybug flying around the lamp in living room. We caught it and later released it to the outside. It has more black spots on red wing, unlike a seven-spot one we usually see. So, I read a bit about the classification of ladybugs.

OK. Here is it. Its Latin name is Harmonia axyridis, one kind of Coccinellidae commonly seen in North America. Wikipedia says, "It is commonly known as the harlequin ladybird (because it occurs in numerous colour forms). It is also known in North America as the multicolored Asian lady beetle, and (because it invades homes in October in preparation for overwintering) as Halloween lady beetle." Here is the photo of their patterns:
Based on the pattern, it can be divided into 3 forms:
red or orange with black spots (form succinea);
black with four red spots (form spectabilis);
black with two red spots (form conspicua).

The one Mia saw should be the succinea form. 


  1. Anonymous1:22 AM

    Tonight I saw a ladybug smaller then all the rest & it was a brilliant marble color with perfect spot patterns on its back. There were several of the normal type around as well but this one was smaller & seemed to almost look more beetle like. Can anyone tell me what kind it is or if it was even a ladybug at all. Ive researched for an hour & found nothing that looks like it & I don't have the heart to capture it & my camera wont pick it up

    1. how many dots on it? or any dots at all?