Wednesday, February 22, 2012

wget, screen

  • How to download all (specific) files from a remote server?
wget -r -l1 -nH -P mydownload

-r recursive 
-lNUMBER maxima recursion depth for downloading, e.g -l1 is for current folder
-nH  --no-host-directories       don't create host directories.
-P,  --directory-prefix=PREFIX   save files to PREFIX/...

Or, you can use -m (mirror, shortcut for -N -r -l inf --no-remove-listing) -nH to download all

You can also use -A to specify the file extension you want to include, e.g. -A jpg is to download all jpg files.

Good reference for wget:
and might be useful:
  • How to use screen to manage multiple session?
type "screen" or "Ctrl-a, c" to create a new window
Ctrl-a, n   next window
Ctrl-a, p   previous window
Ctrl-a, k   kill window
Ctrl-a, ?   help

Very good tutorial for the screen command:

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