Monday, November 08, 2010

asparapee (芦笋尿)

asparapee (芦笋尿)_我和你_百度空间: "今日看到一个很有趣的词——asparapee。这个俚语是asparagus+pee构成的一个复合词,直译就是“芦笋尿”。国外不少人喜欢吃芦笋,好吃而且对健康有好处。但是吃了芦笋之后,尿会有恶臭,臭到自己都受不了:) 科学上还没有一个确切的解释,大概是因为asparagus中含有硫化物或者某些氨基酸(amino acids),可能和农民用硫来肥沃土壤有关。专家相信带有某种特殊基因的人能制造某种消化酶,这种酶可以把asparagus分解成某种有异味的氨基酸;而且带有某种基因的人,才能闻到这种气味。

让我们看看Urban Dictionary的解释:

The noxious smell in urine experienced by most people immediately after consuming asparagus. Studies have shown that while many can’t smell the pungent stench, most do extrude it. This phenomenon is most likely caused by farmers adding sulfur to fertilize their soil. The odor is sometimes accompanied by a neon yellow or green hue.

Person A: Damn, your pee is freakin' reekin'! Did you have asparagus for dinner last night?

Person B: Yes, I have asparapee.

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