Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Hope I can insist on sharing my learning points with all, in HTML, Perl, Unix/Linux and Bioinformatics :)

// below is what appeared in the About page, which I think is better to move here now.

Francis Bacon once said, "reading maketh a full man, conference a ready man, and writing an exact man", and I would say "sharing makes a happy man".

I've started writing blogs since since I was an undergraduate student. At that time, I took it mostly as a diary for personal life, sharing news and fun stuff with friends. I started to write my first technical blog when I started my PhD in 2005. At that time, I was facing a totally new environment, both geographically and scientifically. I have to learn Perl and Linux from scratch (I was mainly working in Windows and program with C and Visual C++ before). There were so much to learn and I felt enjoyable most time but also quite frustrated sometime. Writing note is the best way to learning new stuff efficiently. I began with using Google Notebook to make notes (by the way, I love Google Notebook so much because there was a very friendly extension in Firefox so that I can select text and right-click to send to my notebook just on browsing page). Google Notebook was shut down recently, sadly. But anyway, I got a good habit of making learning notes while learning new knowledge. After that, I switched to Blogger. Hopefully it won't shut down like Notebook. But who knows? From the trend of internet development, messages become shorter and shorter, and spread faster and faster. I guess not so many people write and read blogs these days. Google may close the Blogger in a day. But nevertheless, I would insist on writing daily (ideally). I think it can help not only myself, but might also to those who read it.

So do you, I wish!

If you are also a person like writing and sharing, please show your support and/or join me in the writing. We can exchange links or you can contribute to this blog if it's also your interest field.☺ 


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